Sunday, 4 May 2008

UAE Online/ Internet Marketing

There many definitions come under online marketing its really very wide marketing area, maybe you didn't hear about this kind of marketing before but for your information's online marketing its very effective and strong as any other kind of marketing, for you to know Google company done last year 2 billion USD only of people who do marketing online!

So how to focus our online marketing and what is most effective online marketing?
Because we live in arabic country and like you have people reading english you got people who reading arabic, online marketing here should cover both of the 2 readers or more language as you wish.
Effective online marketing depends on your products for example if you selling wedding cards we have to do your online marketing which is banner and ad on the web sites that specialist in wedding stuff, If your services industrial we will add you on web site the focus on industry and all kind of business.
For the most effective online marketing and its really work its come from the most active web sites that talk about related subjects of yours like i explained above about the wedding, we know allot of these web sites that could drive allot of people to your website and more known to your products, we used to do online marketing for some companies and they get daily between 100 to 600 visit from another websites visitors.

What is the advantage of doing online marketing?
Every visitor who visiting your website and know about your services exactly like he come to your showroom or to your office.

You saving your time and doing wide marketing strategy, means every one intrest and visit your website he will get the basic knowledge about your products and once he will come to your office he know what you provide of services and he is there directly to pick your service.

Can your office or showroom receive 600 visitor daily?

Can you Get noticed with your services daily by 5000 person?

Can you daily send out 100 to 600 company profile to target customers?

How many marketing staff you need to make you noticed for 10000 Customer monthly?

Are you targeting only the 5000000 person in UAE ?!! Online Marketing is the easiest, cheapest and faster way to get your marketing out in same country and many other countries you are not losing any thing.

And much more of other benefits.

What is the types of online marketing?
Graphic Banners on / home page / inside active page / in news paper web site /
Pay Per Click 'PPC' as Text ad or Graphic banner on Search engines or PPC websites
New window open as popup when visitors open another website
To be listed in Paid Directory of directories web sites as Yahoo Directory

Cost of online marketing
It worth the money you will pay for the advantage you will get of this kind of marketing, Effective online marketing could start from 500 USD$ up to 6000 USD$ Monthly and its could include SEO and rebuilding for your web site.

Analayzing Some Websites (Personal opinion).

Infinity TV Channel Website:

1. Content organized around user needs.
2. Easy navigation and to use.
3. No crashes and limited downtime.
4. The website has high efficiency and fulfillment.
5. The website can be viewed in English and Arabic depends on the user.

1. You can not watch any tv shows or news online.
2. No good communication with the users. Ex: Feed backs, Chat rooms...

Sharjah TV Channel Website:

1. Simple website.
2. Easy to access.

1. Very slow to access.
2. Can not download any tv shows or news.
3. No good communication with the users.
4. No enough information provided for tv shows and programs.

Dubai Sports TV Channel Website:

1. Easy to use.
2. Speedy web.
3. Provided with useful information.
4. Simple and organized layout.

1. No sport matches, news are uploaded online so the user can watch or download.
2. Website only viewed in Arabic language.
3. No good communication with the viewers. Ex: feed backs, chat rooms...

Dubai One TV Channel Website:

1. Very nice, simple, easy website. attractive layout.
2. Speedy and easy to access from anywhere.
3. It provides the viewers with all the information they need.

1. No uploaded tv shows, series, movies or news to watch and download.
2. No good communication with the viewers/users. Ex: no chat rooms, comments, feed back...etc.

Dubai TV Channel Website:

1. Easy to use and access.
2. Very attractive layout and catchy.
3. speedy web.
4. Provided with good information.
5. Videos for their tv shows, series, news are provided only for members.

1. Only viewed in Arabic.
2. No good communication with the users.

Al-Aqariya TV Channel Website:

1. Easy to use.
2. Speedy web.

1. Not provided with enough information for the users. Such as, Real estate news, market stokes, economics news...etc.
2. The website layout is boring and very simple.
3. Only viewed in Arabic and that is an advantage because business men are not only arab but also from all around the world.
4. No good communication with the users. Such as, newslatters, feed backs, chat rooms...etc.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Al Aqariya TV Channel

A free-to-air channel, carried out a soft launch from its premises in Dubai Media City on December 17, 2004. The bouquet of programs is aimed at bridging the thriving real estate and tourism sectors, to an audience comprised of high and medium net worth individuals, labeled as the ‘Socio Economic Classifications A & B’. These categories have the ability to invest in real estate, improve their homes or travel for leisure. The channel fits into a niche market which is not covered by other TV channels. AL AQARIYA TV broadcasting in Arabic has an extensive pan-Arab presence through the Hotbird, Nilesat and Arabsat satellites coverage. It has a comprehensive list of in-house productions as well as international high-quality acquired programs dubbed into the Arabic language.

Sharjah TV Channel

Sharjah Television started its transmission on 11-2-1989. It was officially inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. Later on 22nd of March 1997, one more channel was introduced to broadcast religious programs in different languages.

For the sake of non-Arab Muslims, His Highness approved setting up of a retransmission facility at the UAE Embassy premise in Nouakchott to facilitate watching Sharjah TV clearly through ordinary antennas by the people of Mauritania.

Concerning the station's programs special consideration is given to local productions because that is the best way to achieve comfort and ease for the society and also it is the only guaranteed way to reveal and reflect the real Arab and Islamic qualities. More than 85% of the programmes are locally produced. Sharjah TV is a regular participant in 'Cairo TV and Radio Festivals' since 1997 and it won many golden, silver and bronze medals and certificates on many occasions. In August 1997 Sharjah Satellite channel was credited with the title 'The Arab cultural channel' by the Higher Committee held in Beirut to discuss the coordination between the Satellite channels.